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Stevia Project Engineering & Process Equipment

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Stevia Project Engineering & Process Equipment

Based on our 17 years experience in stevia extraction and refining as well as our successive research & development, we can undertake turn-key project for stevia extraction and refining, including project design and engineering, supply complete plant and technical services.
Scope of project services:
1) Project design and engineering.
2) Full technical operation information for stevia extraction and refining process.
3) Full set of production equipment and facilities for stevia extraction & refining.
4) Technical support and technical training.
5) Transfer of Know-how.
The technology and equipments covering:
1) Stevia extraction to produce steviol glycosides from stevia leaves.
2) Refining process to make high purity rebaudioside A and high purity stevioside.
Advantages of our Stevia Production Technology:
1) Mature technology of over 17 years proven experience in stevia farming at very large scale.
2) Bio-technology for cultivation of special species of stevia plant for high yield of Rebaudioside A (best taste glycoside naturally contained in stevia leaves) and total steviol glycosides.
3) Advanced technology in stevia extraction with over 17 years experience.
4) Environmentally friendly process for good manufacturing practice.
5) Advanced technology to convert stevia leaves slag into bio-fertilizer for sustainable agriculture of stevia farming.
6) World leader in stevia extraction for high quality stevia pure extract. In stevia industry worldwide, we are one of only a few manufacturers with low cost technology to produce stevia pure extract of minimum 95% purity.
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