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Qualipride International

  1) Mature technology of over 19 years proven experience in stevia farming at very large scale.

  2) Bio-technology for cultivation of special species of stevia plant for high yield of Rebaudioside A (best taste component glycoside contained in stevia leaves) and total steviol glycosides.

  3) Advanced technology in stevia extraction with over 19 years experience.

  Water-based stevia extraction technology involving special resin purification and membrane filtration process to get 95% purity steviol glycosides directly extracted form stevia leaves.

  Refining technology involving re-crystallization process at room temperature to produce highly purified rebaudioside A or highly purified stevioside from steviol glycosides powder.

  4) Environmentally friendly process for good manufacturing practice.

  5) Advanced technology to convert stevia leaves slag into bio-fertilizer for sustainable stevia farming agriculture.

  6) World leader in stevia extraction for high quality stevia extract products. In stevia industry worldwide, we are one of only a few manufacturers with low cost technology to produce stevia extract of minimum 95% purity.

  7) Strong force in research and development of new stevia species and stevia extraction techniques.