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Qualipride International

Qualipride International, in partnership with Stevia First Corp., is focused on stevia cultivation, stevia farming, processing, production and distribution of high quality stevia extract including high purity rebaudioside A and high purity stevioside. With 20 years experience in stevia extraction and refining practice and continuous research and development, the company is boast of advanced and mature technology for industrial scale production at competitively low cost.

The company is operating with the following facilities:

(1) Stevia seed cultivation base for harvest of high quality stevia seed for large scale stevia farming.

Qualipride International

(2) Stevia farming base for harvest of stevia leaves.

(3) Stevia processing research and development institute, for stevia extraction and refining technology innovation, engineering design of stevia extraction and refining factory, and also technical training for stevia production.

(4) 6 production facilities for stevia extraction and refining, total annual production capacity is around 2,500 metric tons.

Qualipride Nutraceutical (Shandong province) ---- stevia extraction and refining

Qualipride Biotechnology (Liaoning province) --- stevia refining

Qualipride Stevia (Inner Mongolia) --- stevia extraction and refining

Qualipride International

Qualipride Stevia (Jiangxi province) --- stevia extraction

Qualipride Biotechnology (Anhui province) --- stevia extraction

Qualipride Biotechnology (Jiangsu province) --- stevia extraction and refining

(5) Professional team for stevia sales and services worldwide.

As a reputable supplier of quality stevia products, the company is aimed to become a leading provider of quality stevia based sweeteners to the global food and beverage market with the goal of encouraging healthier living.